Our Suppliers and Partners

At Lucy, we believe that great cuisine comes from ingredients that are sustainably and humanely raised, sourced locally wherever possible, and come from people who are passionate about what they grow and raise. That’s why we’re proud to have long-lasting partnerships with our suppliers. We’re forever inspired by their work, whether they’re educating people about wild edibles or collaborating with us on organic farming methods.

Some of our suppliers include:

Liberty Duck

Sonoma County Poultry was founded in 1992 by Jim Reichardt, a fourth-generation duck farmer. Their “Liberty Ducks” are reared in a slower, less stressful style, resulting in a market age of about nine weeks (as opposed to six weeks for other commercially grown birds). Sonoma County’s temperate climate allows them to raise Liberty Ducks year-round, on straw litter, in an open environment with a minimum of intrusion. Liberty Ducks receive no antibiotics or hormones and are fed a diet consisting largely of corn and other grains. The combination of all these factors result in some of the best, most flavorful duck available in the country today.

“I’ve been working with Liberty Duck for the last 20 years. The demand for his ducks has sky rocketed but instead of changing what he does he makes the hardest decision a business owner must make and that is saying no. This is one of the many unique qualities about Liberty Duck: they stay true to what they stand for.” - Chef Scargle

About Liberty Duck

Rocky Mountain Wooly Weeders/Napa Valley Lamb

Rocky Mountain Wooly Weeders, owned by Don Watson, is an open range sheep herding company that provides milk-fed lamb to Lucy Restaurant & Bar. The sheep are moved from lowland pastures in the spring to mountain pastures in the summer, allowing them to grow their lambs on open range at their mothers’ side. Rocky Mountain’s operations extend beyond lamb and milk: their sheep are also available for grazing vineyards and open lands, providing an environmentally sensitive mowing service. This simultaneous mowing, weeding and fertilizing process creates a truly healthy biodynamic soil.

“Don Watson, who has become a great friend, is in high demand in the industry. He is a visionary in the lambing world and is changing the way sheep are raised in the U.S. Some of my greatest times are spent with Don, learning and watching the sheep with him and his team. The difference in the flavor of Don’s sheep is in the attention to detail and commitment Don puts into his work.” - Chef Scargle

About Rocky Mountain Wooly Weeders/Napa Valley Lamb

Schmitz Ranch

The Schmitzes guarantee excellent quality. They specialize in Top Choice, Prime, Angus, “Kobe Style,” and Natural Beef, as well as premium Lamb, Pork, Veal and Poultry. They know each animal from birth to processing. There is a complete health history on each animal. Their beef is minimally processed, with no chemicals or additives of any kind. Animals are fed only the best, a balanced ration of grains, hay, vitamins and minerals from their on-staff nutritionist. Their diet is completely vegetarian and never includes animal bi-products or artificial ingredients. They take pride in raising their animals in a natural and humane manner.

“Over the years Schmitz Ranch has become one of the go-to ranches for cattle. They are continuously working to improve farming practices nationwide, and work to provide us with the best and most consistent beef in the industry.” – Chef Scargle

Broken Arrow Ranch Antelope and Venison

Broken Arrow Ranch is an artisanal producer of high-quality, free-range venison, antelope, and wild boar meat. They field harvest only truly wild animals by partnering with ranchers as an integral part of population management programs. This practice provides a humane life and harvest for the animals, maintains a sustainable animal population for the rancher, and produces wild game meats of legendary quality. They are a family-owned and operated business, now in its second generation.

“Broken Arrow is the place for game animals. The Hughes family has unbelievable standards and provide us with what we need specifically for Lucy. They work to make sure the animals are zero stress. This combination of passion and care provides game meat that’s second to none.” – Chef Scargle

About Broken Arrow Ranch Antelope and Venison

Forni Brown Gardens

“The team at Forni Brown combines customer service with amazing product. They harvest the day they deliver and work to grow specific greens and will create salad mixes to your specifications. The freshness speaks for itself.” – Chef Scargle

K&J Farms

“From Woodland, California (near Davis), this is family operated farm where produce is picked daily. Unique varieties of apples, stone fruit, pears, persimmons, etc. are delivered 3 times a week. There is nothing better than a family owned business. When your livelihood depends on your product it is always the best.” – Chef Scargle

Jacobsen Orchards

Jacobsen is a CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) farm that grows specialty produce, including culinary flowers, edible wild crops and a range of orchard fruits. Peter Jacobsen works closely with our Executive Chef, Victor Scargle, to ensure our gardens at Bardessono are farmed in accordance with the standards of the CCOF program. He also collaborates with Chef Scargle in finding the variety of unusual culinary vegetables and flowers that are incorporated into the dishes at Lucy’s Restaurant & Bar.

“Peter has been a great asset to have in town, from providing us with unique ingredients from the Jacobsen Farm, to helping with trimming and planting in Lucy’s garden. When you can work side-by-side with someone who has the experience Peter does, and has the same level of passion you do, the end result is always fantastic!” – Chef Scargle

Food & Vine

Food & Vine is a local, family run business that produces Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oil, an ecologically sound product made from the seeds of grapes after the wine is pressed. A healthy alternative to other vegetable oils, their grapeseed oil is made without hybrid or genetically engineered crops, and doesn’t require new farmland, crops or water to produce. As a green company and certified non-GMO, Food & Vine is dedicated to creating environmentally friendly products.

“Salute Santé has set the bar for grapeseed oil – it’s a great product that aligns perfectly with Lucy. They are one of the greenest companies in the U.S., from processing to delivery. We use grapeseed oil because of its amazing flavor, high smoke point and health benefits. Nanette and Valentin have become great friends, and share our enthusiasm for delicious food.” – Chef Scargle

About Food & Vine

Wine Forest Wild Mushrooms

Since 1981, Wine Forest Wild Mushrooms have been purveyors of sustainably gathered mushrooms and wild foods. The unparalleled quality of their mushrooms begins in the forest with the discriminating and proud eyes of skilled pickers. Owner Connie Green has a love and respect for the forest ecosystem from which the mushrooms flow, and is renowned for her commitment and passion for wild foods.

“Connie Green and the team from Wine Forest have supplied me with mushrooms and wild things for the last 20 years. I know that with Connie I will receive the best product at a reasonable price. Her incomparable dedication to mushroom foraging and knowledge is unparalleled. She is always available to answer questions and educate the industry on the world of foraging.” – Chef Scargle

About Wine Forest Wild Mushrooms

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