Ultimately, Bardessono is about place. We have created the shop in the same spirit.
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The shop is an exploration and celebration of artisans around the world. A tribute to things made exceptionally well, many by hand, slowly and in small amounts.  It is our chance to share with you some of the things that make places special and how some things are exceptional because of the place from which they came. In some way we hope that a visit to our shop will excite people about traveling and to remind people that some of the wonders of the world are people. Travel reminds us that we are alive, full of senses and that we can be inspired.  The shop is a place where these things born of necessity, from creativity, in tradition and with integrity can share a home. We are excited to share that home with you.

Products List

  • PHILIP CRANGI - necklaces, bracelets and key chains (USA)
  • OLAVIE - body products (USA)
  • PRANA - clothing (USA)
  • LA BELLA DONNA - mineral makeup (USA)
  • GREEN FIELD PAPER CO - stationery (USA)
  • TOMS – shoes and sunglasses (USA)
  • THREE DOTS – clothing (USA)
  • TARA – organic, seasonal body products (USA)
  • ALICIA ADAMS – baby alpaca scarves, throws and accessories (USA)
  • HARLOW – handmade jewelry (USA)
  • LuRu – 3,000 year old fabric and soy bean/indigo technique (China)
  • L*SPACE – swimwear (USA)
  • MANGROVE – scarves to express personal flair (USA)
  • BKR – glass water bottles (USA)
  • SHWOOD – wooden eyewear (USA)
  • HENRI LOU – leather handbags and jewelry (USA)
  • MIA MARCEL – designer swimwear (USA)
  • XIRENA – designer intimates (USA)
  • USFUL GLASSWORKS – upcycled glassware and home accessories (USA)
  • ENERGY MUSE – jewelry with intention (USA)
  • TSU YA – active wear (USA)
  • NATASHA GRASSO – handmade necklaces, rings, and bracelets (USA)
LEED Platinum certified