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The Bardessono Story

The property, established in 1926, was originally the home of Italian immigrants John and Lucy Bardessono, who,together with John's brother-in-law, Martin Zucco, purchased the 20-acre land to create a private estate and vineyard. Lucy and John's portraits, along with photos of their seven children, adorn the lobby.

Today, the hotel occupies five acres of the land. Lucy's Garden, tended to by Lucy, still thrives on the property, providing fresh produce for Lucy Restaurant & Bar. The garden boasts a variety of vegetables and herbs like pineapple quince, yuzu, tomato, garlic chive, strawberry, chocolate mint, and eggplant. In 2009, the hotel, restaurant, and spa opened as an environmentally-friendly luxury establishment and a year later, it achieved LEED Platinum Certification from the US Green Building Council.

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Our Vision

Bardessono is an essential destination that blends earth and sky, where souls unite, and where sustainable functionality and aesthetics blend harmoniously. It is dedicated to creating precious life moments and shared experiences that are cherished and revealed. We welcome you to savor the luxuries of life, to pause, breathe deeply, and connect with the pure essence of nature. Couples visit to rejuvenate, friends come to strengthen their connections, and pets join in to enrich the experience. Our sanctuary is ideal for embracing wellness, wandering through gardens, admiring stunning views, and savoring exquisite wines.

Napa Valley Connections

Situated in the picturesque Napa Valley, Bardessono embodies a unique blend of luxury and a deep connection with the local community of artisans, chefs, and winemakers. Emphasizing conscious living, Bardessono reflects the values of the original Bardessono family farmstead by embracing the essence of the land and family. Infused with a commitment to sustainable practices, Bardessono offers guests an experience that combines luxury, elegance, privacy, and warmth, inspiring a profound sense of purpose and a renewed appreciation for mindful living.