About our Napa Valley Resort

Bardessono is a bold idea all its own in Napa Valley. In 2009, we set out to create a hotel and spa experience unlike any other, one that soothes and impresses, calms and renews. And so, you’ll find here the richest greens, the softest tones, the quietest sounds, the purist tastes and a subtle fragrance. You may even come to find an enhanced knowing of yourself, bring clarity to your life, walking our thoughtfully groomed gardens and being in the natural surroundings of Bardessono.

Sink in one of our Napa Valley Resort suite bathrooms
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A Life Worth Living

Nestled in the heart of Yountville, California, we offer a mindful approach to living the good life. "Deep green" with luxury, a subtle aesthetic, privacy, and graciousness, is the Bardessono model. It’s genuine hospitality, borne of the enduring expressions of land and family, that fostered and sustained the original Bardessono family farmstead in Napa County.

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A Meaningful Exchange

More than warmth and welcome, Bardessono is built upon the possibility of a meaningful exchange between the traveler and the host. Our uncommon set of priorities create a connected, insightful, and transcendent experiences. We believe in our intentions. And we set out to this day, and every day with hope that our exceptional service, environmental practice, and quality of design creates incredible experiences.

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