Lexus Partnership

Lexus Partnership at Bardessono

Explore what drives you. At Bardessono, you are invited to test drive the new Lexus models: RX 500H, NX 350H, LC 500, LX 600 available to you for around town transfers.


2023 RX 500H F Sport:

  • GROUNDBREAKING HYBRID TECHNOLOGY: Features an electrified hybrid powertrain that defies convention, combining a potent, 2.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with a high-capacity battery that powers a front mounted electric motor and an 80-kW high-output rear electric motor.
  • DRIVER SECURITY ON DIFFICULT ROADWAYS: With its DIRECT4 all-wheel drive system it monitors how each individual wheel is interacting with the road and provides shifting power to optimize traction and control.
    The innovative DIRECT4 all-wheel drive system and utilizes a high-output electronic axle (eAxle) to help drive all four wheels. Highly intelligent, this system constantly monitors how each individual wheel is interacting with the road, imperceptibly shifting power as needed to optimize traction and heighten your feeling of control.

2023 NX 350h:

  • QUICK RESPONSE PADDLES: Paddle shifters yield quick shifting response that allow for more precise gear changing operation.
  • VOICE ENABLED ASSISTANT FOR HANDS FREE CHANGES TO SETTINGS: Lexus Interface Intelligent Assistant enables voice-first control of features, allowing for natural language conversation that helps with in-car functions such as changing audio settings or the climate control from both the driver and front passenger seats.

2023 LC 500:

  • DYNAMIC SOUND: Active Sport Exhaust channels the powerful engine sound directly through the cabin from front to rear 
    as you accelerate. 

    This process creates unique frequencies calibrated to elicit specific emotional responses. Take it up to its 7,300-rpm redline, and the result is unlike anything you've ever heard. Or felt.
  • STATMENT TAILLAMPS: One of the most dramatic features of the LC which uses 80 LEDs and mirrors to produce a distinctive, multi-reflective, jet engine afterburner effect.
    One of the most dramatic features of LC are its remarkable taillamps, each of which uses 80 LEDs and mirrors to produce a distinctive, multi-reflective, jet engine afterburner effect. By facing two mirrors toward each other, light is continuously reflected off each mirror, multiple times, creating an advanced L-shaped graphic that appears to have infinite depth and accentuates the Lexus identity.
2022 LX 600:
  • SOOTHING EVEN ON THE MOST CHALLENGING ROADS: LX provides a great balance between comfort and off-road 

    The golden ratio for off-road capability describes the balance between the wheelbase, track width, and wheel articulation. If you only consider cabin comfort, it's better to have a long wheelbase but when driving over various rough terrain, a shorter base is less likely to hit the ground. LX’s golden ratio aims to achieve a balance between the two, creating a soothing space that allows occupants to relax even on rough roads.
  • GREAT CAMERA COVERAGE: The Multi-Terrain Monitor works to display a variety of distinct camera views, including a 
    convenient under-vehicle view.

    Multi-Terrain Select allows the Guest to choose settings for multiple surfaces, such as loose rocks, mud and sand, mogul and more, to optimize drivability. And for greater visibility to match, the Multi-Terrain Monitor works with Multi-Terrain Select to display a variety of distinct camera views, including a convenient under vehicle view.


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Complimentary Test Drive

Overnight guests are welcome to a complimentary 2- to 4-hour test drive in one of our Lexus models: RX 500h F Sport, LC 500h, or NX 350h. Experience vehicles combining power, efficiency, and innovative technology.

For more information about a test drive, please email

Due to the popularity of this program, advanced reservations are not accepted. Please see a member of our guest service team upon arrival to begin your Lexus experience. Kindly note permitted user must have a valid U.S. driver’s license or an international driver’s license with current valid U.S. automotive insurance and must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

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